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Who cares what the question is

Fresh rolled Ice cream is the answer

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‍‍‍25 S 19th Street,Philadelphia,Pa  19103

At the intersection of Ludlow street and 19 South  . Still not sure, get directionsnow.


‍‍‍Philadelphia's fresh rolled ice cream

No Emulsifier  and  Stabilizers in our ice cream base

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Our Sweet Story

Sunday to Tuesday: 12:00pm to 10:00pm

Wednesday to Saturday : 12:00pm to 11:00pm

‍‍‍Ph.No: 267-239-2075

Our idea was very simple , to break the traditional concept of ice cream, but also providing an exciting and healthy delicious ice cream option compared  to any traditional ice cream which are stored in freezer for months from the time they are  made and need emulsifiers and stabilizers to keep it fresh until it reaches you. Our Thailand based rolled ice cream is fresh as its made to order right in front of your eyes , to be innovative on this basis, we will launch a variety of flavors of ice cream , people of all ethnic groups in line would enjoy  the taste, many customers asked me why I called my store SEVENTH HEAVEN because the ice cream needs -7 fahrenheit to freeze and after tasting it ,it  wil‍‍‍l definitely take you to the ice cream heaven. To break the traditional concept of ice cream and also providing an entertaining and healthy delicious ice cream. Our goal is to introduce Thai fried ice cream to people and to have Seventh Heaven ice cream shop across the country.