So it was in September 2015 when i surprised my friends for a reunion  in Bangkok Thailand . We were having a great time  enjoying and reliving   our memories from college days.

One warm afternoon while walking down the street we  saw a "Rolled Ice Cream"sign  and instantly we all decided to have Ice Cream ignoring the "Rolled" part mentioned, But only after that moment the magic  began ,as we  all selected the flavors and  watched the vendor pour a liquid onto his freezing machine  and he mixed the fresh ingredients for flavors with the liquid base  using his metal spatula and in no time he had the mixed ice cream serving flattened  out  onto  the freezing machine and began scraping it up into ice cream rolls.

That moment itself was inspiring and exciting for me to start my own Fresh Rolled Ice Cream business . So i could  surprise many others and see  the excitement on their  face.

This is one sweet, sweet story.

We began with an awe moment ourselves when I saw a street vendor in Bangkok Thailand make ice cream from scratch in front of my eyes .

We now serve Fresh rolled ice cream from a space that is four times the size of the original vendors cart, and are soon opening more locations. We have an amazing bunch of crew members who share the same passion and understand the value of giving each customer an intimate ice cream experience .

The recipe for our story has been simple and sweet. New flavors may be added in the future. For now, we invite you to drop by, share a story, and enjoy a fresh rolled ice cream.

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